please, please purchase your bouquets from me... please special entities




Here in shellis boutique we chav many rozes and widow wipers.... please when you cut your grass- donate all exterpations to our store.

We love flowerslike you love chocolate on sticks

as i was ironing my necklace the rubber from my wines glasses decided to bottle doorknobs for a living. due to this extreme pointillism the hospitol beds were sewn to the ceiling under my shoe sole, i hope it wasnt raining. if zoodles are zings then why would my fly trap be so frozen? well well well you dropped the feather out of my ear for dinner, please refrain from overfilling contuperware containers into my pom poms, with apple cider. rena, why is the sky stuck in a rubberglove, didnt i press all the buttons in the fence, maybe its her red scarf- i hear it caught a cold or two. ouch! that walky talky just had too many sharks teeth stuck in meatballs for breakfast. if i got my umbrella stuck in im teachers pocket then she could swim across the medatrainian sea for a pail of pickled tomatoes. i must of been loitering under the leg hairs for a couple weeks now hence the fact that the bricks were playing hopscotch in the park. thank you for your time and effort