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My First Webpage

This website is about me. I know I might sound a little self centered, but some people don't know me as well as they think.
If you think you know me well enough then why are you reading this? Shouldn't you be doing something else, rather than searching me on the internet and coming to this site?
Anywho- if you just completely ignored what I just said, then that's your problem. So, in this site, you will find out about me.
Somethings you will already know and somethings, you might find surprisingly....new
I think I am getting good at this!
Here is something about me:
My favorite color is red
I am in the 10th grade
I cant wait for the summer!!!! :)

I love computers class!
We learn so much with Mrs. Train (including this) and we have so much fun in her class!
I look foward to her class all the time, and we only have her 2 times a week.

I, personally, always look foward to her class. It is probably the highlight of my Wednesday and Thrusday.

I like doing this.

My Hobbies: