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Welcome to the muffin woman!

The Muffin Woman welcomes you to the wonderful world of cupcake and muffin recipes! There is a humongous variety of recipes to choose from, which are sure to tickle the tongues of all tasters! The Muffin Woman provides for you an easy to maneuver website which allows you to find the perfect muffin or cupcake recipe for every occasion. The recipes are not very difficult which makes it easier for even a small child to make, with their parents helping them with the oven, of course!

The Muffin Woman was started to aid all those poor people out there who were in desperate need of the perfect recipe. The visitors of this website range from young children, who have just learned how to bake, to elderly grandparents, preparing a snack for their grandchildren. World renowned, master bakers have visited this website and they have said it is the best muffin and cupcake recipes website they have ever laid their eyes on!

Thank you for visiting The Muffin Woman!!!