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Genuinely beautiful gowns for every type of bride

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  Hi there! Are you a soon-to-be bride who's just begun searching for your perfect dress? Are you a REALLY soon-to-be bride who's started stressing because your wedding is in less than a month, but you've still not found your wedding gown? Are yo a mother of a bride or groom who isn't sure what style of dress you want to wear to your child's wedding? Are you a bridesmaid who has a specific colour scheme to follow when gown shopping?

  If any of these scenerios sound familiar to you, you have come to the perfect place. Weddings are sacred, momentous, and beautiful occassions that we all, G-d willing, come to in our lives. They needn't be the stressful or overly extravagant "shows" that they have somehow become. This special day is not all about how you look, the colour them, the food, or the way you present your body to others. Conversely, weddings are about how you feel, care, and love the dear one whom you are about to spend the rest of your life with.

  In that vein, it is the goal of this website to supply brides and their relatives or friends with the right dress that they will feel comfortable in - both in the way the dress feels on you, and the way you feel with the dress on. Many brides want something simple, modest, affordable, or pure. It is my sincere hope that we at Brides of Beauty can give them exactly what they want and need.