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Accessories are a great thing to have!! Besides the fact that they help make a persons outift more interesting, it also allows a person to show other people who they really are, and their individuality. The type of accessories a person wears shows what type of person they are on the inside.

Accessories also make your outfit fancier. Instead of just wearing your clothing, you add some jewllery and a purse and all sorts of other accessories to make your outfit much nicer. When you add accessories to your outfit, it usually makes the outfit look different in a better way.

There are all types of accessories. People wear jewellery, headbands etc. to express their individuality. Accessories also come in different shapes and sizes. Some people wear a lot of accessories and like to be noticed, while others wear a minimum amount just so they look nice but they don't want to be too noticed.

Accessories are also a great thing to give as a gift. A person can't have too many accessories, they always like adding to their collection. Accessories don't have to be expensive; they can be very cheap but still look nice.

Most accessories never get old. They can be worn for years without having to get rid of them. Once you get bored of wearing your accessories you can either give them to a friend or family member, then you can get new accessories!