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Review #2:Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins is an amazingly detailed computer game, rated 'M'. The game is played using the computer keyboard and mouse. The detail in which you can form your character is absolutely amazing; down to the nostril width and depth! There are several storylines from which you can choose, and different races (Human, Dwarf, and Elf) and gender (Male, and Female) that change the storyline. Eventually your character becomes a member of the Grey Wardens, a sect of brave warriors with amazing powers who fight the darkspawn. The darkspawn are a race of evil demons intent on taking over the country and destroying everyone alive. They are led by a monster known as the archdemon

The object of the game is to eventually defeat the darkspawn and destroy the archdemon in order to bring peace. The game is insanely awesome and the graphics are really intense. The fighting is interactive and realistic. This is truly my favourite videogame of all time! I would give a slight cautionary warning to those who are squeamish to blood: if that stuff really bothers you, just look away. Although fighting plays a large part in the game, it does not solely revolve around sparring.


1) Make as much use of the tactical pausing as you can.

2) Use whatever weapons that will compliment your character's ablilities and strengths.

3) When updating your characters stats, improve whatever will get you the farthest in your character's abilities.