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Welcome to the smoothie factory. Choose from many flavors of our delicious nutritious smoothies, juices, and yogurts, and add them to your everyday diet.All Smoothie Factory products are made with the highest quality ingredients and real fruits. The favorite flavors on our menu include berry, tropicle,classic shake,green tea, coconut adn ,many more. The specialty smoothies on our manu include, honey energizer, turbinato energizer, stawberry kiwi emmune boosters, as well as our vanilla meal replacement formulas. The protien smotthies include, after-work out papaya juice. the freshly squeezed all natural juices include apple, carrot, mango and many more. The refreshing frozen yogurt daily flavors include pomogranate, rasberry, and mango and all contain the same benifits as regular yogurt such as calcuim, protien, and potassuim. There are many more flavors and catagories to choose from, try them all!