Battles and Weapons

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Battles,knighthood and weapons

Battles and weapons.

what this webpage is about is battle, knighthood and weapons. Let the battle commence!!!!

Hundred Years' Warchest 10.1 Weapons; 10.2 War and society; 10.3 England and the Hundred Years' War ... By the early 14th century, many people in the English aristocracy could still ..... There existed different types of armed men during the war: Knights of noble birth, ... the lighter and more mobile English army to pick battle locations, fortify them,...

Life of a Knight - Knights and Armor Training for knighthood during medieval times usually began at an early age.... boys learned the use of weapons and, most importantly, the skills to handle a horse in combat. ... 16-20 years old), he would ceremoniously become a full-fledged knight.

Battles were fought either to gain control of a counrty, city or state or over a land that hasn't been taken over yet. Sometimes they fought with people from their land and that was called a civil war. today we still have fighting over lands or civil war but thats not as common.

A kinght was a young boy about 16-20 or older or even younger. They were foot soldiers. They were also very much needed as any other soldier. They usually went to school to train to ba a knight. The training is usaully sword fighting, taking orders without complaint, horse riding and being good soldiers. Training is grueling and long. Food rations were not very big or good.