Luellen's Music School

Set Up Your Lesson

Set up your lessons today! We have teachers for over 18 years, for high school age, for elementary school age, for kindergarteners. We train new teachers. We teach Monday to Friday, from 4PM until 930PM. We can setup to have the lessons in our studio, or we can come to you at home! See prices below!

Musical Instruments Taught:

Meet Our Teachers:

Mrs. G. Hollenbocker: teaches Drums, Flute, Trombone

Mrs. H. Bladenbaker: teaches Guitar(Acoustic), Guitar(Electric), Drums, Flute

Mr. Y. Hudenshbocker: teaches Piano, Violin, Viola, Trumpet

Mr. C. Smith: teaches Guitar(Acoustic), Guitar(Electric), Drums

Mrs. V. Jackson: teaches Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone

Mrs. A. Gold: teaches Piano, Guitar(Acoustic), Guitar(Electric),Flute

Mr. P. Hidenshberger: teaches Violin, Viola, Trombone

Miss O. Black: teaches Trumpet, Trombone

Ms. F. Peters: teaches Piano, Drums, Flute, Trumpet

Mr. H. Green: teaches Piano

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