The Story Behind the Mask

By: Leah Berman

In the town of Shushan lived king Achashverosh and his lovely wife Vashti. Achashverosh was the new king of Shushan and he made a party to celebrate his. Everyone in the city was invited to this party, including the Jews. The leader of the Jews, Mordechai, did not want his people to attend the party but they did anyway. At the party the drunken king began to brag about his beautiful queen Vashti. On the last day of the never ending party he demanded that his queen come before the crowd. She refused to appear. The king then had her killed. King Achashverosh now needed a new queen and he wanted someone even more beautiful than his own Vashti. His servants gathered all the women and brought them to the town of Shushan to compete in a beauty contest. Whoever wins we be crowned queen. All these beautiful women were beautified in the palace they all needed extravagant dresses to wear to the pageant. That's when The Real You Costumes came into affect. Designing costumes and clothing that would make the real you out of every girl shine. The beautiful Jewish women Esther became queen. There was an evil man named Haman who was panning to wipe the Jews out. After many days that her people spent praying to their G-D and fasting queen Esther managed to convince the king to kill him, Haman, instead.

For the Jewish people all over the word the 14th of Adar became a day of happiness and rejoice. To commemorate all the hidden miracles that G-d preformed. In honor of the miracles the Jews no matter where they are they all dress up on the 14th of Adar. The Real You Costumes has the best costumes across Canada. They have been in business for many centuries. They are a reliable company with durable costumes. There are costumes for everyone from young to old in many styles and shapes.

The Costume Contest

Do you think you have the best costume in town? Do you want to showcase that costume? Do you want to win a $500 visa card? If so send us your craziest, most amazing, most creative, most authentic costume and enter a chance to win $500. Send a picture of you in that costume to 589 Hollywood Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, L4B 6M5 or email a picture to with your name and phone number and you will officially have entered the contest. The deadline for all entries is April 5, 2014. The winner will be announced on April 10, 2014 so keep checking our website to see if you might be the lucky one.