The Best of Kesler

Beginning of Kesler Ryan Kesler has been into hockey since he was a young kid. He was drafted into the OHL in Brampton in the year 2000. Despite this he still decided to play in U.S.A for the National Team Development Program (U.S.N.D.T.P). After two seasons with them he got a full scholarship to play hockey in the University of Ohio. Only 2 months after being drafted he got a contract with the Vancouver Canucks for $2.475 million dollars for 3 years, with a bonus of $850.000 dollars. But right after going to Canucks training camp he was cut. He then went to the Manitoba Moose team. By November he was called back by the Canucks and made his first NHL debut. He still played for the Moose at the same time and split his time. By the NHL lockout he was forced to play for the moose the whole year. When the lockout was over he joined the NHL for full seasons.