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This month you can travel down the west Coast. Having an amazing time with your family and friends. You get to see so many wonderful places that you haven't been yet. When you travel down the west Coast, you get to go to: California, Los Angeles, and Grand Canyon etc… United States vacation spots are as diverse as the country's landscape -- the glitz of Las Vegas, the rich culture of New Orleans, the tropical beaches of Hawaii and the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon, one of the best national parks in the world. This is where your adventure begins Go for a ride and have fun.

Do you want to go on a hike on the Grand Canyon? Because who doesn't!!! It's an amazing expertness. You'll love it. The Grand Canyon, located in the state of Arizona, is considered by some to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, due to its sensational decorative colors and majestic natural beauty.

Top 10 US Beaches -Manele Bay, Hawaii -Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -Nantucket Kauna'oa Bay, -Hawaii , Massachusetts -Cape May, New Jersey -Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts -East Ham Cape Hatteras

Interesting Facts To put it into perspective, the island of Manhattan which is nearly 34 square miles would be able to fit in the Grand Canyon Park nearly 58 times!!!

You can get a family pack for cheaper then you expected. This will include a free dinner for your whole family the first day you are on your vacation.


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