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The Friendship Circle

My website is information about the Friendship Circle of Chabad Lubavitch, Toronto. Its purpose is to inform prospective parents about the benefits of the Friendship Circle, and for prospective volunteers. The Friendship Circle is a wonderful organization that provides children and teens with special needs with volunteers from all different schools. They either spend time at the child’s house once a week, or at the Sunday Circle program which is Sunday morning, 10:30 to 12:30 at 8001 Bathurst Street. However, they hope to move to 770 Chabad Gate as soon as possible, after 770 is completely renovated.

The Friendship Circle also organizes fun, interactive, and informative trips which the children enjoy immensely. They go to the Matza Factory where they are led through the process of baking Matza, from the kernels to the flat bread which they make and enjoy afterwards. They also go to the Shofar Factory, where they make a usable shofar.