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"A bookworm's favourite website!"- Reader   Last updated: March 14, 2011

Hello, This will be my first time ever making a website, so for this website, will be welcoming any new suggestions that any of you may have for this website. On this website, you will be able to find all your needs layed out in front of you- but that is only if your needs are book related. I will be updating this website (hopefully) every week, and I will be constantly fixing this website to fit all your suggestions.

Also, since I am currently in the middle of writing a novel, if I ever finish it, and if it is published- the first 500 people who join this website, will get a 30% discount on the book! Also, you will recieve monthly in the mail (only if you choose to allow this)little perks on the novels which I will discuss. So, if one of the books I talk about is, for example, Shadow of the Wind, you will recieve chances to win the novel autographed by the novelist himself for free- yes, also free shipping. But again, that is only if you win it. Talk more next week! , S.R.