Music Lessons from Celebrities

Welcome to the world of music. Here in music lessons with celberties otherwise known as mlc we teach you to be the best you can be. You can choose to work with you favorit singer,or artist. You will also have to choice of having a normal a teacher who can teach you the basics. We will take you to a higher level and make your fantasy of bieng a celberty a reality.If you are a person who likes to sing you can join our singing department. If you enjoy playing insturments then you can join our music playing department. if you are a triple threat and singing playing and acting is your game you will be taken in with open arms. when you are finshed with your lessons we will take you to the next level.We will refer you to a director whom we think can make your future and start your career. We then will check up on you and see how you do in the world of music and acting. When you are done you will see that your dream is alive. We belive in you and want to your voice and music because no one els has heard your voice.

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To begin you can go to sign up (at the toolbar)write your informatiom and find your music, drama, or vocals teacher. As you continue to grow and train your talent. At the end of your journey we will reffer you to a director of our choice. We then will come and see how you are doing and if you are setteling in properly.At the end of the year we will have a contast on chalenging your talent. The grand prize is 50,000$ to start you off for your music career. You will get to show the judges how you handel the crowed and pressure. At the end of the night you will have one more chance to impress the judges and then they will dilibrate. Show us what you can do because we know your good and we want to help you exapand your talent.

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The sechdual on the bottom is the flowing days that our programs starts. If you wish to work as a councler or someone who can help with aranigng dates and times with our students please contact us we are hiring and we need help with programs and finding out times and dates. When you sign up you will get the same schedual and get the dates and times at wich you have lessons. As you begin your journey you will find your dreams are coming true.

Classes Rooms Time Dates
Dance room 100 4:30 pm Saturday and Mondays November 11- Augest 1
Guitar room 101 5:00 pm Saturdays and Mondays Septmber 14-July 1
Piano room 102 4:00 pm Wednesday and Saturdays September 13-July 1
Voice Lessons room 300 7:00 pm Mondays and Wednesdays September 15-July 1
personal teacher room 301 6:00 pm Sundays and Tuesdays September 10- July 1
drama class room 302 6:00 pm Sundays and Tuesdays september 11- July 1