Angelina Jolie

This makeup works best for medium skin tones with brunette hair and light eyes, but will also suit lighter shades of hair as well. Use earth tone shades (like dark brown, warm cinnamon, beige and black)of eye shadow around the eyes. Start by layering the two lightest shades on the eyelid and blend it up to the brow bone. Using the darkest color of eye shadow (black), line the upper lash line and lower lash line's outer corner with it. Over the black eye shadow, line your eyes with liquid eyeliner and finish off with a thick wing by the corner of your eye. Use the black shadow smoke up the wing area. Then use a blending brush to soften the edges. Finish off the eyes witha coating of black mascara. For some extra color, use a light coating of medium pink blush, then follow up with an earthy pink lipstick or deep red.

One of the best things about Angelina's hair is that it's simple and very natural looking. Therefore, all you got to do is straighten if your hair is curly, or blow dry your hair, and give it some big wavy curls in the sides, and voilla, you're done.