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Put beige eyeshadow that matches your skin tone in the inner corner of the eye. The outer corner, two thirds into the eye, put a chocolate brown shadow and blend the the two colors together at the point where they meet. Put a little of the sparkly brown shadow on the lower lid of your eye right under the waterline. Make a semi thick line and wing with your black liquid liner starting two thirds in your eye where you started the brown. Glue on some fake lashes. Put just a dash of very light pink/brown blush on the apples of your cheeks and find lipstick that is the color slightly darker than your natural color.

Adele is very into the big and volumnious style in a way that is gorgeously eye catching. The way to get your hair llike that is to blow dry and curl your hair, inwards, outwards, huge bottle curls. It might seem a bit messy at first with curls in every directioun, but as it settles down it looks like magic. Put some strong hairspray, tease your top hair a bit, and you're done!!