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Hello my name is Ciera Diena. Welcome fellow writers! I'm a teen writer and this website is a way for me to share my limited experience and learning's with any who want to write a novel.

Writers Anonymous is a website where potential writers can recive beneficial distractions, tips, ideas and help with their novels, or any other types or creative literature. My goal is to put you in touch with writing communities and give inspiration. The site mostly targets writers from ages ten till seventeen, though others can benefit. So baisically thoes who get their books from the Young Adult section of the library. Please feel free to comment, give me tips, give reviews and send me your works for qritiquing and editing

Ps: This is a website mainly meant for original works. Fanfictions are allowed but preferably this site is meant to help you create your own stories adn worlds. Not borrowing someone elses. Don't get me wrong, fanfictions are a great way to get iver writers block or to develope your writing skills but if you want to share your works feel free to post them on Fanfiction and send me a link!

Even though i love to read and write i have atrocious spelling and not-so-great grammer so please excuse my mistakes

Quote of the page: Kidnap? I prefer the term surprise adoption - Unknown

if you would like to see the full size of the picture above (it looks fantastic on full size) follow this link and zoom in!(the website is virus free as far as i know) Deviantart